Jenny Green - The Saga of Jenny

I had been playing Ultima Online for about 5 months when I met Jenny. She was a member of the Atlantic Mage Tower, the guild I was in at the time. One day at the AMT Tower, a dungeon crawl was put together and that's where she and I met. We went off someplace deep and dark and killed bad things and took gold and came back to the tower having a good time.

Later that week I was back at the AMT Tower looking for some friends to go dungeon crawling with. The Tower was empty except for one person, Jenny. So I asked her if she was interested in going dungeon crawling. She hesitated a moment, then said why not. As I recall, we went to T2A and promptly began a tradition of Aldroud dies and Jenny rezes.

We got quite good at our rolls.

One day I was being chased by a PK east of Britain. I ran down the road and slowed when I came into the guard zone and yelled for the guards. The teleporting guards whacked the PK and I proceeded to loot my merry way through his belongings. After loading up on all his possessions, I wandered into Britain to gloat. I used the red moon gate in the library to transport myself to the AMT Tower so I could sit in peace and count my money. I walked in to see Jenny talking with another member of the AMT. I sat down and rooted through the loot, finding a ring, I handed it to Jenny just on a lark.

She took it, hesitated a moment, then said 'Why Aldroud, is this a proposal?' Turns out I handed her an amethyst wedding band. I hemmed and hawed and blushed and we all laughed about it. We began to play more and more often with each other. I brought her to the house I shared with Odin and Raistlin and Spudz. We moved some furniture around and now there was room for 5. We became best friends, Jenny and me, with Odin, Raistlin and Spudz forming our little grouping. Time went by and we grew closer.

Eventually I did propose to her. She had become more to me than just a person to play games with and I became more for her too. We had a big wedding in Nujlem at the palace. A lot of AMT folks attended, plus all the friends we had made in UO. She and I spent almost every night playing.

Sometimes we would stay up till server down just sitting in her sea side cottage talking. We talked about everything and nothing at all for hours on end. She made me laugh and she made me cry. When I came up with the idea for an Orc guild she supported me 100%. She used to transport me about when I was just a wee runtee.

The first Orc function was me, her, and Odin (Grishnak, Zhan'ee, and Og'Din) bombing the Mage Tower Academy opening night. She build the webpage for us and kept it up to date. She taught me HTML and how to do things on the computer I never knew.

Jenny was my best friend and I loved her.

Jenny was killed by a drunk driver on 1 November, 2001.

Happy Together




Moving through the woods on a starry night
Winds in the pines, oh mysterious sight
Riderless the stallion trots through the trees
While sounds of the night are aloft in the breeze
Pure white clouds, floating on air
Moonbeams dance on her golden hair
Look to the east, does this pale dawns light
Signal the end of this long winter's night?

Over the rocks falls a bubbling brook
Glad it is over the path it took
For in a hidden glad it fills her pool
And reflects her eyes a lovely blue
Purest white is the virgin snow
Surrounds the pool in a pearly glow
A ray of light filters down
The woods are still, there is no sound

Distant silence pierced by his call
An eagle takes wing from his aerial
With a fighting spirit indomitable
Of tenderness and love he's capable
Aloft in the air he circles about
And settles into his chosen route
Winter silence, falling snow
So serene is the Earth below









Written by Aldroud Claven

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. But they all miss Jenny.