Atlantic Mage Tower's Treasure Hunt

With the coming of the new quests for treasure AMT has pursued the hidden loot. Overall the experience has been a good one. Lessons are being learned, and with each new trip the events only get better.

The first official Treasure hunt was a bit of a disappointment, with the group size completely overwhelming the loot taken from the chest and the monster spawn, many found it disappointing.


Though it was fun to walk overland with 20+ mages.

Once the Mage Tower's Tomb Raider developed his skills to the point where he could access the level 4 maps, the real fun began. As it is with most instances in life, we over compensated for the large amount of people present at the first few chest crawls with a smaller party of four.

Case found the chest fairly quickly, and AndDroid, Homer and Rakerath set themselves up for the spawn. Case never saw the full chest come from the ground. A spawn of 4 ogre lords and 2 liches quickly dispatched him in less than a blink of an eye.


The monsters quickly felled the 3 summoned daemons that we thought to be a good offense for us, and within the next 30 seconds AnDroid met his maker. [ The first time of 6 for the night - hehe.]


The lag was fierce and the ogres more so. Homer perished leaving only Rake, who quickly sought refuge by the coastline. "An Corp" was heard and all were ressed. The ogres had looted Droid and Homer leaving us with very little reags.

What followed was a dance that lasted about 45 minutes. The three of us running around what seemed like an incredibly shrinking isle, with the ogre lords and their new fire elemental friends. AnDroid and Homer died again, leaving Case no option but to return home and get his brother Logan... and some back up =]

Thunder Red Hair and Nerapas leapt at the chance to help save their fellow mages. Meeting on the Moonglow bank roof and quickly departing, the Mages arrived to find the ghost of Rake had joined the other two. With the aid of meditation and some good terrain, the remaining monsters from the first spawn had been defeated.


Case returned to the chest. It still needed to be opened! The loot was good... but the monsters wicked. With every other item removed from the chest a new foe would appear. AndDroid attracted the attention of a vicious Dread Spider.


It was mean like I have never seen mean before. And yeah Droid died... again..

Fire elementals, air elementals, ogre lords, and liches made the rest of the looting rather difficult at times. Success was had though and after and hour or so we met on the roof.

A few of the lessons learned.


1. Allow the chest opener at least a screens worth of space. The monsters spawn right around him and the chest, and if you are there with him you are next. =]

2. Your treasure is in a remote area... if we had all died on that isle, I would still be there and not working on this webpage right now.


3. As the lockpicker, ensure that your partners are ready for you to begin looting... once a monster appears, stop looting and kill it. One ogre lord is easier than two ogre lords and a fire elemental all while you are overloaded. =]

4. It helps to have the opener of the chest use a teleport item, also a few invis's from your mage friends can give you that extra second to get away and help in the fight.

5. If your fast enough and on ICQ with your friends, ".jpg" the map and send it to a few so that you all are looking in the general direction.

Teleport back

No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. Though one was seen looting our chest and is now KOS.