AMT's Dungeon Crawl Guide



Guidelines to Group Crawls

Thank you all for commenting on the guidelines. As a general rule of thumb for those of you participating in the Mage Tower crawls, "be smart". Overall while on the crawl, the main idea will be to have fun.

* For a crawl to be successful, people need to subvert their own individualistic desires for the benefit of the group. Monster loot and fame from kills is a great thing. But understand that you are in a group with 20 other people.


* Release any notion that you will come back from the crawl "Glorious" and with enough gold to buy a small castle. =P

* For quick retrieval of goods from killed players, each player should have a colored bag which they keep their most important things, or everything inside of it. And when they die the people on the crawl can loot that bag first. I know myself, I keep my reags in one bag, and I tell my friends "If I die, loot the (colored) bag first... then worry about the rest if there is nothing dangerous around."




* Monsters loot such high value bags first too! That being said, a more important point: KEEP YOUR MAIN LEVEL EMPTY! Or at least, uncluttered. It reduces loot time and recovery time when you resurrect and self-loot.

* It is known that the warriors of the land are brave and fierce, but they must also be smart.


* If you are standing toe to toe with a titan, and four people just got ressed, then it is a good assumption that you just lost 1/2 to 3/4 of your combat support.

* Be aware of your surroundings.

* Stay within screen view of the others. Our strength is in our numbers. If you are by yourself, or just with one other member, you may just die. Stay together and don't wander off. =]


* If you are running away hurt, run to the group, NOT away from it. If you are running remember you cannot be targeted unless you stop.


* If, while fighting, YOU cannot see your character, then NO one else can.


* If you are fighting a large monster make sure you can see YOU, if we can't see you, we can't heal you.


* Wear an item of the same colors as all others, so all are easily recognized as a member of the group. Colors are usually decided on at the Tower just prior to the event.


Guys this isn't rocket science, or even trying to figure channeling equations. I hope this helps with the future crawls. As always everything is subject to change. Relax, have fun, and always feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions you may have.

-- Logan, AMT


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