AMT Takes Over the Ice Fiends


It all started out innocently enough. The Atlantic Mages trying to make the world a safer place traveled to the Ophidian Keep a few days back. They met with harsh resistance, and were temporarily set back. This event has developed into a sort of joke amongst the creatures of the land. From the lowliest mongbat to the fiercest daemon.

Then it happened: So there I was wandering the new lands looking for a good place to ski [not enough skiing going around these days], when I came upon an Ice Fiend who had wandered to far from his spawn area. I quizzed him as to why. He wouldn't answer but with "Ur Mag3z Gu1ld sux !!1" I replied with a polite "We are certainly not a guild and please refrain from saying I suck =]" Which of course got the response: "..I herd bout what happened 2 u guyz at the snake fort.." "Ur Mag3z Gu1ld sux !!1" I'm getting irritated, and after admonishing him I prepared to leave. "Listen up Frostbite... I'll be back... reality check in hand to give to you personally tonight... see you then!"

Well the hour approached and we mages set out. Among our group were: Wieland, Pizi da Wiz, Arwen Pellear, GonTer, Nerapas, Homer, Schimdt, ooOOoOo, and myself.


After a brief chuckle at Schimdt's character profile we proceeded onward.

Taking Wieland's rune to the entrance we figured the walk to the Fiend area would warm us up.





Four of us fell quickly to the Ice Fiend's minions. They used the entrance as a bottleneck killing us as we "warped" into the dungeon. But alas minions are stupid and the problem was solved by a piece of root and moss. I spoke "Rel Por" outside then plunged inside transferring my body across their deadly trap and leading them down the adjacent hallways. The mages then entered and fortified the position.

What followed next was nothing but a ROUT. No creature could withstand our onslaught. Even the mages of evil that inhabit certain areas fell before they could utter a single... snippy... comment...


And as for the Ice Fiends... for over an hour we mages delivered our reality check to them... but it seemed they preferred the COLD, HARD CASH of TRUTH!


So ends the tale for now... the Ophidians are still out there. Thunder Red Hair says "... they are just misunderstood"

I'm thinking it's time to clear up their misunderstanding.

... to be continued.

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. Though one can still be heard snickering at us from a house by the Tower... and I'm gonna get him, oh YES, I'm gonna get him!.