The Atlantic Mage Tower's Shame and Hythloth Crawl

Hail and well met fellow Mages! What follows is a wrap up of the heroic deeds that transpired during this past AMT Dungeon Crawl.

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It was a great evening as Mages and friends from all over joined up at the Mage Tower. Nick of Time was the crawl leader this day. Everything began well with the first gate going [right on time] to the nefarious dungeon Shame. Congrats to Nick for leaving a rune on the 3rd floor meeting room labeled "Crawl Site". A very good idea.

The denizens of Shame fell quickly to the power that was brought upon them. The mages brought revenge to the Blood Elementals that had been their undoing last crawl.


And there was much rejoicing!!! But it seemed the elementals of Shame knew we were coming and decided it was better for them to hide until we left. It was decided to travel home to prepare for another trip.

Once at the tower and refortified, the mages set out again to the evil Hythloth. Upon our entrance we were attacked immediately! Funny thing was that everyone wanted our aggressor to escape?!?!

It seemed the vile beasts of Hythloth stood no chance against our onslaught.


Though there were a few complaints =]

A creative mage insured we all stuck together at the teleporter to the lower levels. Continuing to move along, the magery was exploding all over the place. Mages were using their powers to defeat evil at every turn. Even using some fairly unorthodox methods, and yes that is a Lord of the Abyss in the bottom right corner.

We pushed forward taking very light casualties. Everything was working out great. The group remained tight throughout the crawl. Then it was time to "...Get something real."



There was no turning back now, and mages were pulling it together from wherever they could. Percival... Tiffric would be proud of you.

The Demons of Hythloth proved to be worthy combatants. Wieland, Mat Cauthon, and myself perished quite rapidly. Each trying to help the other. On a side note I was looted by the Lord of the Abyss. And after running around for about 15 minutes, someone actually killed it. Upon looting the Lord of the Abyss the valiant warrior announced that he had a few bags from the creature that obviously were not part of its treasure. Lord Hartford, my thanks go to you for being an honest man of character.

Having successfully crawled through two major dungeons, the mages of Atlantic decide to return home. After a consultation, Nick of Time and I decided on the evening's prizewinners. Xan for being the bravest of the night. And a split between Ra and Azroth for both being outstanding new additions to the crawl event!

"I have joined the AMT after the dungeon crawl tonight. TA-DDAAAA!!! These are AWESOME AWESOME people and I can't believe I had so much fun ( and didn't die even once even though we cleaned Shame and went to the Hythloth daemon level ). You people out there you don't know what you're missing! Thanks to Tiffric, Nick of Time, Logan, Percival, Wombat, and many more brothers of AMT for welcoming me and letting me into your extremely cool brotherhood of mages. I am truly, truly overwhelmed and honored."

Ra, the new Mage of the Tower.

Read Ra's review of the night.

Once again another chapter is written for the Mage Tower's history book. A successful night and new friends...

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. Although one was asked to fight a Lord of the Abyss.