The Atlantic Mage Tower's Shame Crawl

Hail and well met fellow Mages! What follows is a wrap up of the heroic deeds that transpired during this past AMT dungeon crawl.

All was well that Friday eve. News of the Mage Tower lock down had spread like wildfire. Mages from all around began to show themselves at the Tower to rejoice and be glad at the wondrous happenings that were taking place. At this time the gods have only secured part of the tower. The first floor and part of the second floor. Word was that the remaining items would be placed this coming week! After asking what the magi think of the lock down, this mage figures a picture is worth a thousand words.

And so begins the adventure. With a rune provided to me from Nick of Time the crawl began. It was decreed by Tiffric that I lead the crawl. As seen in the picture, Bolo so nicely points out that the "newbie" should lead! HAHA thanks for the support Bolo. =] Shame awaited us!

Upon arrival we exited the gate and grouped up. I mainly tried to ensure that the group was held together. The lag was tremendous at times but it was well worth the hassle.

Moving along we held our ground and advanced quite well. There were about 20+ mages present and the higher levels of Shame were coming under our control. Of course there are those that attract trouble and need help. =]

".... The crawl was awesome, was it not? We (the mages & participants) geared and reag'd up, meeting at the newly decorated tower. Most of us were around 30-45 mins early, and at about 8:10pm gates were opened to level 2? of Shame. It was too easy ( for 20+ mages =) ) so we went down to level 3. We got 1 poison elemental and someone died, our first casualties (other than me and FoX with his trapped boxes on the tower roof =) ). Thanks to a chorus of An Corp's, we decided to try our luck at level 4. It was going good until we hit the blood spawn. My 75 hp's were gone in 3 hits, and that was before I realized what was happening. I thank my friends again for ressing me. A swarm of air's and a couple more bloods caused the bodies to begin to stack up. Our mana was low, and we were dying in numbers, but we were having the time of our lives. It was THE best dungeon crawl I have been on in my time. One more thing, if Big Earl Trucker is reading this post, don't try looting a mage when he's surrounded by about 15 of his high-powered mage friends. That's too dumb for even me. I cannot wait until tonight. Maybe we'll sweep Destard, or Hythloth, or both =) "

Percival, Mage of the Tower

Then, the REAL fun began! Blood Elementals!

Once the Bloods were upon us, a combination of lag and bad position left a few of us standing over our bodies. And of course there was the ever present looter. He did not last very long.

"... I missed a lot of the middle then. I had to guard FoX (he kept crashing. Hehe Mr. Can I blow stuff up ;) I did get back for the blood elementals. I died like most of us, what I find comical is the @#$^ that looted my corpse didn't bother with my regeants but took my pants and hat... Anyway it was lots of fun :) "

Nick of Time, Master Bard

"As only a fool would attack a Mage of the Tower with many of his brothers and sisters around. And as for someone stealing Nick's pants and hat, I am told that Big Earl is a bit strange, maybe he will give them to Isobel for one of her necromancy rituals. Watch out for curses now Nick... :) "

Tiffric, Mage of the Tower

We mages are renowned for our wisdom as shown here.

All in all with everyone returning safely to the Tower, it was agreed that the night had been a SUCCESS! A lock down and a very exciting dungeon crawl!

What will the future bring the Atlantic Mage Tower? Someone gaze into their crystal ball for me...

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. But many elementals WERE!