The Atlantic Mage Tower Charter and Rules

"When you're the kind of player that is fascinated by the idea of magic, rather than the actual use of it in and of itself, you tend to find the idea of the Tower irresistible. And if you aren't, you can't imagine why people would waste their time. I think that worrying about who to let in is pointless, because the ones we want will be the ones that come." --Mahrin Skel

What is the Mage Tower? The quote above gives a fairly good explanation of its residents, but what is the Tower Project?

The goal of this project is to fund the construction of a public Mage Tower in Britannia. This Mage Tower, its construction inspired by the bulletin board of the same name, shall be able to function as a meeting point, safe haven, and general haunt for the magic users of Britannia. Construction of the original Tower was done on the shard Great Lakes within a week of Ultima Online going public. The original plan was to then continue construction of a similar tower on each of the other shards. Due to the rapid addition of shards, the original founders gave up on this idea because of the growing amount of work it would be. Put simply, we couldn't keep up. It was also figured that if there were mages on each shard that were interested, that they could organize their own towers.

In general each tower has a few things in common. Each is publicly funded, and money is raised by those mages that reside on the shard in question. Each tower is intended to be a center for learning and a place to roleplay the profession of a mage. Each is to remain open to the public. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that make this impossible, but for the most part it is true. There are basically three rules, those being:

1. No killing, except for practice that is consensual by both parties.

2. No looting, unless said looting is done with the intention of saving equipment from a possible thief and returning it to the original owner.

3. No stealing. People breaking these rules are to be dealt with by the mages who reside in the tower.

The residents of the tower are everyone and anyone interested in magic. They come together because of a common interest. While often a tighter knit group than most guilds, the Tower is not a guild. It is simply a group of mages who come together to have fun and learn from each other.

The Atlantic Mage Tower Charter

1. All are welcome in the AMT, either as a member or a guest. However, as long you are in the AMT complex, you will be expected to follow our rules.

2. All members of the AMT are color blind in the Tower complex. There are no reds, blues, oranges or greens. We are all equal there.

3. AMT is non aligned and apolitical.

4. Since AMT is a gathering, not an official guild, we can never declare or accept a war from any guild.

5. AMT is a gathering of people who come together in good fellowship.

6. You need not be a mage to belong to the AMT, look back at rule one, "All are welcome in AMT."

7. Due to the anti social activity we have experienced at the AMT complex lately. We are forced to reevaluate our policy of allowing all who wish to carve their name upon the stone. We now must be notified on your application if you are a murderer or a thief.

The Atlantic Mage Tower Rules

1. No killing in the tower complex (tower, annex, arena) except in defense of yourself or another AMT member or guest. All sparring MUST be consensual.

2. No Looting in the tower complex, except to save an AMT's member or guests items from looters. These of course will be returned to him/her.

3. No stealing in the Tower complex, ever. These include practice and snooping.

4. You are generally expected to behave in a suitable manner, rude behavior and lack of proper manner is not acceptable. Remember to treat others as you wish to be treated.

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. Though one still calls the Tower a "Guild".